Mytha Spa – Villa Magna, Spain

Mytha Spa
Villa Magna
Madrid, Spain

We all love a world class spa. What do we need to know about yours?

Mytha Spa Villa Magna

Villa Magna has inaugurated the first Mytha Spa in Madrid, an innovative project designed to achieve the finest feeling of wellbeing, both mentally and physically. This philosophy is employed through merging Western and Eastern influences to create the perfect combination of treatments and techniques, finished with a signature Mediterranean touch. It is said that true luxury lies in simplicity. To mark this special occasion, the prestigious cosmetics company Natura Bissé has developed three exclusive treatments for Villa Magna.

Our new facilities feature four treatment rooms with top-of-the-range thermal massage beds, wet area with Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, lifestyle shower and hammam, and a gym equipped with state-of-the-art fitness machines open 24 hours a day. This new wellness space is crafted with quality natural materials such as travertine and wood that mixes with the sounds of water and scents of the Mediterranean.

What makes you unique?

A combination of our fantastic facilities, exclusive treatments and experienced staff makes our Mytha Spa unique. Our skilled therapists ensure that every client receives a treatment of the finest quality and a luxurious sense of complete relaxation. Furthermore, our Spa features a fully-equipped Turkish “Hammam”; it is very rare to find such an authentic facility of this kind in Spain.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

With the incorporation of the Natura Bissé brand, our Spa has reached a new level of luxury and quality regarding the treatments that we offer. Some of our ultimate treatments include:

Diamond Glow & Radiance: a luxury facial treatment that helps to revitalize the skin´s natural glow: ideal for any age and skin type. This process smoothes the skin, rectifies imperfections and results in a new found radiance. This can be either a 30 or 60 minute treatment.

Royal Citrus Mytha Ritual: facial and body treatment that fully hydrates the skin through a thorough ritual, rich in vitamin C. With antioxidant benefits, this treatment combats hyperpigmentation, protects against free radicals and restores vitality and smoothness to the skin. Lasts 60 or 90 minutes.

Signature Quiro Mytha Massage: a deep massage, perfect for alleviating and reducing muscle tension, joint pain and stiffness. Results in the sensation of complete relaxation, wellbeing and leaves the skin smooth and revitalized. Treatment can last 60 or 90 minutes.

The Leg School Treatment: This exclusive signature treatment was specially developed for legs by Dr. Francesco Canonaco. The treatment consists of four essential steps to remove water retention in your legs and improve blood circulation and elasticity of the veins: medicated mud wrap with a cooling effect, medicated bandages with a cooling effect, cold stone massage and application of a special cold gel at the end of the treatment. A head, neck and shoulders, as well as arms and hands, massage is performed during the wrap and bandages application. (60 minutes)

What other amenities can your guests enjoy?

Mytha Spa offers a great variety of teas to enjoy after the treatment. Our therapists suggest a specific type of tea for each treatment, to make the experience even more special. Clients can unwind with their tea in the relaxation room, while listening to music that can be personalized to their taste.

Any insider tips

Our therapists recommend spending 15-20 minutes in the wet area before receiving a massage, to help alleviate soreness and prevent muscle contractions.

Another tip: before a “Hammam” treatment, our professionals advise clients to relax in the Turkish bath and sauna, to open up pores.


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