Singita Sasakwa Lodge – Tanzania, Africa

Singita Sasakwa Lodge
Tanzania, Africa

What can you tell us about your luxury spa?

Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Tanzania, Africa - Spa Review

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is located on a private concession of 347,000 acres bordering the Serengeti National Park. Set atop Sasakwa Hill, Sasakwa embodies a rich and opulent atmosphere; a sense of grandeur is woven throughout the turn-of-the-century manor house and private cottages through a blend of authentic European style and East African influences. Singita Sasakwa Lodge holds special appeal for those with a passion for refined splendor, ensconcing its guests in comfort, luxury, and old-world elegance.

The Singita wellness philosophy creates an environment for our urban-weary guests to reconnect to nature, revive their senses, restore their body and mind, and explore our African culture. The spa journey can be performed in the tranquility of the Spa, which overlooks the beautiful Serengeti Plains, out on a private deck, or in the comfort of guest suites. The products used are carefully selected for the positive impact that they have on our guests and the environment. The Dermalogica products use only the finest ingredients available from eco-safe sources, do not test on animals and are suitable for both men and women.

What makes you unique?

The view from the lodge’s spacious veranda is almost endless over the majestic Serengeti plains below. From this superb vantage point, one can become absorbed in the marvel of an abundance of wildlife, including the annual migration of zebra and wildebeest, widely known as the greatest natural spectacle on earth.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

Mwarobaini ‘Healer of 40’ – Mwarobaini is a medicinal Swahili tree, that’s bark, roots and leaves are used to treat more than 40 ailments. Singita Sasakwa Lodge uses Mwarobaini wood to craft massage ‘tools’, used to create pressure for easing tension and releasing pressure points, as well as gliding over the body for relaxation and stress relief. Using an African formulated Marula and Neroli oil blend, this will be a unique Singita experience.

What other amenities can your guests enjoy?

Guests at Singita Sasakwa Lodge can enjoy the expansive swimming pool in addition to private infinity pools at each cottage and private villa, guided safari walks, stargazing, community visits and game drives. During your stay, you are likely to spot a great variety of wildlife, including cheetah, bearded wildebeest, bat eared fox, Maasai giraffe, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard.

Any insider tips

What makes Singita so special is that beyond hospitality, it is a conservation company. Guests have the opportunity to learn and take part in the conservation projects that Singita has put into place for their 100-year purpose. In Tanzania, Singita works with the Grumeti Fund to employ an anti-poaching unit of scouts as well as canines who are responsible for identifying any threats to the precious concession. The experience for Singita guests includes meeting the Singita Grumeti Fund game scouts and seeing how they live and work. The combination of a morning coffee or late afternoon drinks stop makes it a great location to truly absorb the beauty of the landscape but also take in the scale and importance of the work of the Singita Grumeti Fund anti-poaching unit.

In addition, The Grumeti Fund Community Outreach Program works with residents of the 21 villages bordering Singita Grumeti to realise their development goals. We partner with these communities to address issues of education, natural resource management, enterprise development and water management. We encourage guests to visit these communities to experience the success of these projects firsthand.


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