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V Wellness Spa, Andaman Hotel, Malaysia Spa Review

V Wellness Spa – The Andaman Hotel
Langkawi, Malaysia

The Experience

The V Wellness Spa at The Andaman has many of the things you’d imagine in a top South Asian spa; open air rooms, scenic vistas and great customer service. It also has other qualities you might not expect, such as an exotic blend of rustic meets modern amenities, the juxtaposition of white sandy beaches set in a rain forest, and staff with great English-speaking skills.

I’m not sure if it’s the Malaysian culture, or this resort, but everyone is so warm and kind! From the friendly driver who took me up the hill in a golf cart (you can walk, if you’re feeling energetic), the seasoned hostess who welcomed me with a cool towel and drink and the skilled technician who performed my treatments – this is the real deal.

The setting itself is utopian. Set apart from the resort, it feels like you are in secluded hills, each treatment room is completely self-contained, and serenity is the word of the day. I saw a couple of other discreet patrons, but it was still very much an intimate experience.

The Amenities

The resort is not overly large, which allows The Andaman to ensure that all the amenities are well kept (spa, multiple pools and restaurants, water sports, gym, etc.). Even at full capacity, dining and pools never felt over-crowded (I was there just before Chinese New Year, a very busy time).

The spa is a short walk from the hotel, where a driver can take you up the hill so you don’t have to walk. The open-air spa lobby has a breathtaking 180 degree view of the white sandy beach below. The spa is modern and equipped with all of the luxuries that you’d expect from home: toiletries, make up touch-up items, beauty products (hair, nails) etc. The treatment rooms (more like mini-apartments!) are a short walk from the lobby.

Each treatment room has a cliff-top ocean view and is self-contained, with its own volcanic rock outdoor shower, changing area, toilet etc. For the service, they provide a sarong instead of a traditional robe. I felt very Malaysian during my treatment!

The spa also has a custom menu (available throughout the resort) with a large selection of heart-friendly, vegetarian and other clean-eating options. I had a huge breakfast before going, so I didn’t partake, but it looked excellent!

The Service

Customer service at the V Wellness spa is truly excellent. Everyone has a genuine smile for you, speaks English well, and is committed to your spa experience. The hostess was informative, showing me an artful tray of ingredients that formed my service (ginger root, kefir lime, lemon grass and coconut oil). I had marked some physical notes in my file which she was sure to clarify first with me, and then my technician.

My technician was excellent, both as a massage provider (I like a firm touch, and she was sure to check in with me as to pressure), as well as from a service point of view. She gave clear instructions and saw to my every need. At the end of my service, she explained there were 5 mins remaining, and how would I like to use this time? She suggested either a shoulder massage, or would I like to sit and take in the view? I opted for both, I gazed into the abyss as she finished the last of my massage treatment. I loved this custom approach.

And I can’t forget my driver, who thoughtfully paused the golf cart as I snapped pics of the local monkeys (such a tourist!) and even helped to point out monkeys in the trees that I hadn’t spotted, while giving helpful information about the monkey species and what they like to eat. The perfect capper!

In Conclusion

I can’t say enough good things about The V Wellness Spa. Definitely a highlight of my stay at The Andaman. Tip: I booked my service in the morning (between 9am-1pm), and I received a promotional rate, even during busy season. I love a deal!

– Susanne, Guest WSR Contributor

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