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Thermal Spa
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

What can you tell us about your luxury spa?

Thermal Spa, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland - Spa ReviewThe Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers 13,000 sqm of wellbeing and relaxation. With this amount of spa area, we are proud to say that we have the biggest spa in Europe! It contains our Thermal Spa, the public thermal bath & spa “Tamina Therme”, 10 pools, a dedicated Family Spa and a total of 9 saunas, with an exquisite ice grotto to cool down after your sauna session. Europe’s leading wellbeing & medical health resort is centered around a bathing tradition spanning hundreds of years. The healing effects of the thermal water from the Tamina gorge has been recognized for centuries. Today, it remains at the heart of our spa and wellness complex.

What makes you unique?

The resort has its own hot spring. Benedictine monks discovered the hot spring in the Tamina gorge in 1242. To this day, the 36.5°C thermal water is used for the renewal of the body, mind and soul. The special mineral content and 36.5°C temperature have a range of positive effects on the human body, such as boosting the metabolism and circulation and improving cardiac function. Furthermore, the thermal water helps to alleviate rheumatic ailments, diseases of the nervous system, and lung and kidney issues.

You can bathe in the water but also drink it, either way it is good for your body. When you bathe in it, it has a positive effect on your muscles, your skin and bones. If you drink the water, it is very good for your digestive organs and it makes you happy because it contains lyceum.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

Thermal Spa, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland - Spa ReviewOur Director of Spa and Wellbeing warmly recommends the haki Flow Deluxe Treatment. In the specially created “haki®– The Art of Touch” treatment room, we got together with Harald Kitz, the developer of the haki philosophy, to create a new dimension of treatment rituals. The interplay of infrastructure, atmosphere and treatment is highly effective in eliminating both physical and emotional pressure. During a haki Flow treatment the body is pulled, stretched, sensed and perceived. Thanks to the natural progression of the haki treatment, we can now elongate and rotate not only the shoulders, neck and head, but also the entire length of the spine and pelvis. The master therapist guides the body through the water and you will be able to feel your body stretching and becoming longer. With lightness, riding a wave: for everyone who loves water and its healing power. You will experience your very own private downtime with haki Flow deluxe. In the early hours of the morning, before the Tamina Therme opens for the day, we offer you the opportunity to experience haki Flow in a unique atmosphere. Take the time to unwind – especially for you.

(For more information about haki, please visit the tamina therme website).  

What other amenities can your guests enjoy?

Besides our enormous spa and wellness offer, our guests can also choose from a variety of medical treatments and diagnostics. For the more active guest we offer golf, personal training, tennis, yoga, miniature golf, biking and e-bikes, water cycling etc. Moreover, our resort is really close to three skiing areas; namely the Flumserberg, the Pizol and Malbun in Liechtenstein. Next to our sports offer, we also spoil our guests with a great variety of restaurants. At the moment we have a total of seven restaurants. As of July 2019, we will additionally have two more restaurants by Swiss Top chef Sven Wassmer: one health restaurant and his signature restaurant. Next to our bars, guests can spend an evening at our casino, which has a gin bar with over 100 different gins.

Any insider tips

There is so much to discover within the resort, that many guests miss the opportunity to also discover the beautiful surroundings. Just a 5 minutes drive away from the resort you’ll find yourself in the beautiful wine yards of the Bündner Herrschaft which you can also discover on a guided e-bike tour. Around 10 minutes away from the resort you can visit the Heidi Village. Also, there is a stunning light show in the Tamina Gorge during summer – it is called Light Ragaz. In winter, the according counterpart is the Tamina Lumina. Not to forget: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is only 10 to 15 minutes away from one of the smallest countries in the world – Liechtenstein.


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