Spa Village Pangkor Laut – Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

Spa Village Pangkor Laut
Pangkor Laut Resort

What can you tell us about your luxury spa?

pa Village Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia - Spa ReviewSpa Village Pangkor Laut is nestled within a private island comprised of a 2 million-year-old rainforest, which is the setting of the five-star Pangkor Laut Resort. The spa experiences honor the healing traditions of the region, and deliver an individual and authentic encounter for guests, combining the therapeutic properties of natural local ingredients and the healing practices of the area. Coupling these age-old practices together with modern approaches to health and well-being results in a tailored one-of-a-kind experience, delivering award-winning results to guests.

The extensive spa includes eight treatment pavilions, a deluxe Belian Treatment Pavilion, three ‘Healing Huts’, which include Chinese Herbal, Ayurvedic and Malay Huts, two Bath Houses, three Spa Huts, three Nap Gazebos and a Spa Boutique. 22 beautiful Spa Villas situated over the sea offer direct access to the Spa Village. Programs combine physical and spiritual health and well-being, and are based on one of four umbrella concepts: Rejuvenation and Longevity, Relaxation and Stress Reduction, Detoxification, and Romance.

What makes you unique?

Malaysia, with its diverse history of people and cultures, and vast abundance of natural resources, provides the backdrop for health rituals that are amongst the oldest in the world. The abundance of Malay, Chinese and Indian practices makes this the ideal setting for complete rejuvenation. The Spa Village comprises a number of specially built structures designed to facilitate an extensive range of treatments from China, Japan, India, Thailand, Bali and Malaysia.

Each Spa Village treatment begins with the unique bath ritual, a pre-treatment 45-minute circuit that draws from bathing traditions around Asia. It begins with a Chinese foot bath and pounding, followed by a traditional Malay ‘circulating’ bath, a Japanese-style ‘goshi-goshi’ cleansing, and a quick dip in the heated Rotenburo rock pool. Guests are then given a gentle exfoliating wash with the spa’s signature Shanghai scrub while indulging in a calming tea in the tranquil library.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

For women, I would recommend the “Royal Secrets of Puteri Lindungan Bulan” treatment, which begins with the bath house ritual and a consultation with the Malay specialist. This is followed by a traditional Malay full-body massage, a hair cream bath, a facial and body scrub, a milk bath, and ends with a scented body steaming and herbal tonic drink.

For men, I would recommend the “Bukit Gantang Warrior Treatment” which also begins with the bath house ritual and consultation, followed by a warrior massage, an herbal hair root treatment, a herbal roots scrub, herbal spices bath, and ends with an herbal oil steambath.

What other amenities can your guests enjoy?

Guests can book one of the 22 Spa Villas, which are situated on stilts over the sea. These spa villas are located in the most quiet section of the resort for the ultimate privacy and offer direct access to the Spa Village.  

Visitors to the spa should also take advantage of their special access to the Spa Village grounds by enjoying the private, beachside infinity pool, outdoor whirlpool, nap gazebo and steam room.

Any insider tips

For those seeking to fully experience the health rituals of the region, it is recommended that guests meet with the spa’s Chinese, Ayurvedic or Malay Specialist for a consultation at the beginning of their stay. The spa’s comprehensive approach to health will lend helpful insight.

To further maximize their experience, close by experiences for spa goers can partake in an informative jungle trek through the island’s rainforest with the resort’s Resident Naturalist to learn about the unique wildlife and plant life on the island. On the Spa Village grounds, guests of the spa can relax in the library and at the Jamu Bar.


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