Spa Village Bath – Gainsborough Bath Spa, England

Spa Village Bath
Gainsborough Bath Spa
Bath, England

What can you tell us about your luxury spa?

Spa Village Bath, Gainsborough Bath Spa, England Spa ReviewThe Spa Village Bath, one of YTL Hotels’ acclaimed Spa Villages, is set in the 5-star Gainsborough Bath Spa located in Bath, England. The spa honors the unique history and traditions of the city by integrating Bath’s treasured thermal waters into specialized treatments and therapies, providing guests with an award-winning spa experience. Spa Village Bath also pays homage to its Malaysian roots by offering guests signature treatments from its spa collections.

What makes you unique?

The Gainsborough Bath Spa’s legendary history dates back to the Roman times when people would flock to the city of Bath for its healing, mineral-rich thermal waters. Evidence of the Romans utilizing the waters was found under the foundations of the Gainsborough Bath Spa when archeologists discovered over 17,000 Roman coins, some of which are on display in the hotel’s lobby. Since its construction in the 1800’s, The Gainsborough Bath Spa has enjoyed a colorful history of owners, from housing the United Hospital in the 19th century to most recently housing the College of Art & Design until 2005. The history of the Gainsborough can still be seen today, from the Ancient thermal waters that feed into three pools reminiscent of a Roman bathhouse to the Georgian and Victorian façades of the grade-II listed building. Currently, The Gainsborough Bath Spa is the only hotel in the UK with direct access to natural thermal waters.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

For the ultimate treatment, we would recommend Spa Village Bath’s newest experience, the Crystal Sound Bath. The Crystal Sound Bath begins with the Roman Bath Circuit, a 45-minute pre-treatment inspired by the Roman bathhouse tradition, where guests are guided through the therapeutic thermal pools, saunas, steam room, and ice alcove, concluding with a special Water Ritual Ceremony. The pre-treatment is followed by a 45-minute deep meditation session held within the Meditation Cave where pure quartz crystal bowls are played at different vibrational frequencies, encouraging theta brainwaves to be emitted, creating the same state of brain activity experienced during deep REM sleep and meditation. The Meditation Cave is adorned with hanging lanterns to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, minimizing distraction to allow guests to fully immerse themselves in their practice of meditation.

The spa menu also features unique and spectacular Aquatic Body Therapies that take place in the small thermal pool, such as Aquasana, a blend of yoga, tai chi and karate moves, and Freedom, a sophisticated mind-body mashup of guided stretches.

What other amenities can your guests enjoy?

Within the central area of the spa, which features a stunning four-story atrium flanked by Romanesque columns, guests have the chance to experience the spa circuit, which begins with a visit to the spa’s Aromatherapy bar where guests can pick their very own, specially curated fragrances that they bring throughout their experience. Next, visitors will enjoy the three natural thermal pools of varying temperatures, followed by use of the traditional and infrared saunas, a steam room, an ice alcove, a thermal water fountain, and an elegant relaxation terrace. Spa Village Bath also includes a couple’s suite with its own natural thermal waters, 2 “tatami” rooms, a beauty salon, and a 24-hour fitness room.

Any insider tips

1. Spa fans should book one of the spacious and beautifully designed Bath Spa Suites. These suites are the only guest rooms in the hotel with large roll-top bathtubs that tap directly into the natural thermal waters of the city. The Spa Suites also include unlimited access to the spa.

2. To cool down after a dip in the warm thermal waters, spa goers should indulge in the chilled, Georgian spiced chocolate drink that is offered, as well as make use of the special ice alcove.

3. Spa Village Bath is open to hotel guests until 10pm every evening, so guests should take advantage of this by enjoying the thermal pools after dinner for a peaceful wind down.


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