Six Senses Spa, Fiji

Six Senses Spa Fiji
Six Senses Fiji
Vunabaka, Malolo Island, Fiji

We all love a world class spa. What do we need to know about yours?

Six Senses Spa FijiSix Senses Spa Fiji is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Fijian village. Surrounded by lush tropical jungle, its design embodies the Six Senses philosophy that well-being is crucially linked to the calm and rejuvenating benefits of nature.

It is entered via stepping stones leading to the arrival lounge where guests can find the Consultation Room, the Nail Bar and the latest Six Senses retail collection. Those who prefer blending their own ingredients can visit the Alchemy Bar. There are also four treatment bures, fitness center, jungle gym and a yoga and meditation pavilion.

What makes you unique?

Designed to fit in with its surroundings completely our Wellness Village is true to a real Fijian village. Cascading water features flow down through the village and into the tropical greenbelt, nourishing the beautiful fig and baka (banyan) trees, providing a home for rare iguanas and offering healing visual and auditory experiences for guests.

An alchemy bar provides the ultimate experience for guests – a place they can mix their own scrubs and poultices using fresh produce grown in the spa garden. A treetop yoga pavilion offers sweeping ocean views from any angle (downward dog, triangle, warrior or tree pose) or guests can try their hand at aerial yoga and swing from the beams in perfect serenity.

Six Senses Spa Fiji also offers Six Senses Integrated Wellness which is our overarching and innovative approach to wellness founded on several building blocks, including personalized wellness, sleep health, mindful eating, movement and self-discovery. A Wellness screening is a non-invasive screening that guests can take to measure key physiological biomarkers such as heart rate, tissue oxygen uptake and distribution, arterial stiffness and stress parameters. The results enable our wellness experts to provide lifestyle and nutritional advice, and design a personalized program of spa treatments, fitness and wellness activities based on the preventative principles of Eastern medicine and results-oriented Western influences.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

Indulge in our Fijian Ritual, a 2-hour 20 minute spa experience to remember. Starting with a traditional Fijian dance guests can settle into a cultural spa journey. Next an alchemy bar session offers guests the chance to blend their own poultice using fresh ingredients from the spa garden, as well as make their own SaluSalu (flower necklace). After this our guests will be blown away with a Fijian Bobo Massage with herbal poultices. This massage increases circulation, releases toxins, and eases muscle tension and aches. It combines firm massage techniques with local oil blends and warm poultices are applied to any areas of concern. Guests will leave feeling revived and rejuvenated as well as in touch with the culture surrounding them.

Any insider tips

Maximize your experience by having a Wellness Screening – allow our experts to build a meaningful plan based on your current reality through a non-invasive screening that tells you exactly what your body needs to reach optimal wellness. Our personalized programs combine high-tech science with ancient healing traditions, alternative therapies, holistic spa treatments and wellness activities.

Upgrade to our Sleep With Six Senses Program – Start with a Sleep +You questionnaire and allow our Sleep Ambassadors to prepare your bedroom each night to ensure the best sleeping conditions for you. A sleep tracker will measure breathing patterns and body movements plus It records the light, temperature, and noise in your villa so that your sleep state can be reliably assessed. Our wellness experts will then work with your results to give you tips on how to improve your sleep routine and conditions in the bedroom to ensure that each day ends in a peaceful slumber. On top of this you will receive a sleep pack with items such as organic cotton pajamas, food guidelines, nasal strips and more to assist with a good night’s sleep.

Try out complimentary Hatha yoga at the treetop yoga pavilion.
Enjoy a 24-hour state of the art gym.


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