SE Spa by Grand Velas, Mexico

SE Spa by Grand Velas
Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit
Nayarit, Mexico

We all love a world class spa. What do we need to know about yours?

SE Spa by Grand VelasThe 16,500 square-foot SE Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit is the crown jewel of the resort. It features more than 30 spa treatments, many which use organic elements, like coffee & chocolate, candle wax & sea shells, deep river stones & volcanic glass, tequila cream, aromatherapy oils from an onsite botanical garden, and more. Treatments are available for all ages, from babies to adults.

A highlight for guests is the Spa Atelier, offering workshops from Aromatherapy to Dreamcatchers. During each 45-minute Aromatherapy class, guests enjoy an interactive discovery lesson, distinguishing and experiencing the wellness benefits aromatherapy has to offer. Seasoned spa instructors enlighten guests on the difference between essential, beneficial oils and the aromatic, perfume oils, all diffused into the atmosphere for firsthand experience. Each aromatherapy class enables guests to fully understand the benefits and properties of each essential oil. Spa therapists end the class with short neck and head massages. Dreamcatcher Workshops introduce small groups to the 2,000- year-old tradition of weaving dreamcatchers. Participants will learn about the meaning and history of dreamcatchers during this mindful meditation and then how to create their own. The handicraft is traditionally made with willow wood wrapped in colored yarn and decorated with various objects, most commonly feathers. Made to filter dreams, dreamcatchers only allow positive dreams and visions to pass to the sleeper. The nightmares are trapped in the center stone and the next morning, they burn away with the light of day. Known as the ‘Huichol Eye’ which means ‘The Eye of God’, this ancient craft process has been present for centuries amongst the native populations of the Coras and Huicholes in the Mexican Pacific states of Jalisco and Nayarit.

What makes you unique?

SE Spa by Grand Velas is a spa concept drenched in Mexican culture and inspired by the changing pattern of the seasons. Meaning ‘one’ in Nahuatl (one of the Aztec languages), the word SE was chosen to symbolize the human journey to self-discovery and renewal.

SE Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit follows the Path of Transformation represented by a butterfly, in honor of the ancient Mayan and Aztec traditions. Representing change, the butterfly is highly regarded by Pre-Hispanic populations as a symbol of transformation and evolution in life. An indigenous legend says that when one wants to wish for happiness and to make desires reality, they should whisper the request to the butterfly and then release it. In gratitude, she will rise to the highest of the heavens, and the wish will be granted in appreciation of her freedom. Guests can enjoy treatments focused on achieving a full metamorphosis arising from the reconnection to the genuine inner-self. A sanctuary of wellness, tranquility and beauty, the spa immerses guests in healing rituals designed for lightness of spirit, vitality of body and freedom of mind.

Following the changing pattern of the seasons, SE Spa revolves around nature and the four seasons, providing spa guests with subtle changes in flavors, aromas and other elements each season to create new experiences.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

The Grand Cora Massage (80 min/$198 USD) is a highly energetic massage that stimulates the sensorial perception through a sound ritual with natural instruments. The treatment eliminates nervous tension with the application of warm ginger oil, which restores emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

Another highlight is the Fire & Ice Treatment which combines hot and cold elements to detox, burn fat, help circulation, firm, and nourish one’s skin. Beginning with a ritual of essential oils in pressure points and total body exfoliation, the treatment (100 minutes, $248) uses the Fuoco (fire in Italian) line from Italian beauty brand Vagheggi in a mask made with the spores from a carnivorous plant. Native to Madagascar, Botswana and South Africa, the Drosera ramentacea plant has slimming and sculpting properties. When combined together with menthol and an ingredient from chili, the mask tingles, cools and heats the skin in stages while a scalp massage is provided. Following the removal of the mask, a massage with essential oils combined with volcanic diorite stones creates warmth on the body.

Any insider tips

The spa experience begins for guests with a 60-min Hydrotherapy Ritual which includes a pressure shower, eucalyptus inhalation steam room with chromotherapy, sauna, hot and cold temperature lagoons, Jacuzzi and hydro-reflexology. The water ceremony is included for treatments of 50-min or longer.


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