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Post Ranch Spa
Post Ranch Inn
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We all love a world class spa. What do we need to know about yours?

Post Ranch Spa Big SurPost Ranch Inn is an award-winning resort located atop the cliffs of Big Sur, California with breathtaking panoramic Pacific Ocean views. Most recently, the resort was named the #1 Top Hideaway in the World by Andrew Harper. Ideal for romance, relaxation and rejuvenation, Post Ranch Inn is an environmentally sustainable resort offering a truly unique, rustic luxurious experience to its guests. Due to the unique design and ambiance of the resort, it can be said that Post Ranch Inn is a spa in itself. Each of the 39 guest rooms and suites blends rustic elegance, comfort and privacy with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean or Santa Lucia mountain range. The resort features two infinity spa pools overlooking the Big Sur coastline and spanning out towards the Pacific Ocean. These spa pools are appropriately called the Jade Pool and the Meditation Pool due to their unique designs. Additionally, all suites feature a large terrace with an outdoor spa tub, perfect for couples to canoodle under the stars with a glass of complimentary wine from the restaurant’s Grand award-winning wine collection. The Post Ranch Spa located on-property features award-winning spa treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate using the healing properties of nature. Upon request, treatments are done in either the guest rooms or in the spa itself, which includes two couple’s spa suites, one with a fireplace, the other with a walk-in shower.

What makes you unique?

The fact that the resort can be described as a spa destination in itself is what makes this property so unique. Post Ranch Inn is intended for romantic getaways for couples and when a guest enters the property grounds, they are immediately embraced by the sensational “Big Sur” aura that surrounds the property. The quiet, peaceful, luxurious “back-to-nature” ambiance is very unique to Post Ranch Inn due to its special setting and exceptional service and amenities. As for the spa itself, while many of the wide range of nurturing treatments are exceptional, there is the very unique Shaman Journey session. In the sacred and safe space of the medicine wheel, a shaman engages the forces of nature and the ancient wisdom of the ancestors to help create lasting changes for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

The Post Ranch Spa offers four Specialized Therapies, all of which can be classified as the “Ultimate Treatment” and are outlined in detail below:
Reflexology: This technique focuses on reflex points on the feet that correspond to specific areas of the body. This revitalizing treatment relieves stress and releases energy. (1 hour $175 / 1.5 hours with massage $260)
Craniosacral Therapy: Subtle and gentle pressure facilitates profound results, relaxing the central nervous system to enhance the body’s natural healing processes. The effects may occur immediately after a session or develop gradually over the next few days. *Please wear loose-fitting clothes for this treatment. (1 hour $175 / 1.5 hours with massage $260)
Energy-Balancing: Reiki, a Japanese energy-balancing technique, combined with other energy-balancing modalities, improves the body’s flow of ‘chi’ through energy centers and pathways called chakras and meridians. Clearing the pathways and balancing energy flow allow natural healing processes to occur. *Please wear loose-fitting clothes for this treatment.* (1 hour $175 / 1.5 hours with massage $260)
Vibrational Resonance: Like a musical instrument, your body can be tuned to reach optimal balance. Various tuning forks with specific sound frequencies create harmonic resonance with different areas of the body and energy field. These vibrational tones in concert with Tibetan bowls help balance chakras and meridians, clearing blocked energy while reconnecting body and soul. (1 hour $175 / 1.5 hours with massage $260)

Any insider tips

The Post Ranch Spa offers signature treatments with Big Sur Jade, to bring the best of local healing qualities. Jade is revered by many ancient cultures as a healing gemstone. Collected from nearby coves and beaches, Big Sur Jade is the only found vein of jade that is in the rock cliffs polished by the Pacific Ocean. One of our employees dives along the Big Sur Coastline to collect this unique Jade once treasured by indigenous people who warmed it in fires for heating water. The Post Ranch Spa’s signature Big Sur Jade thermo-therapy combines soothing, warmed jade with aromatherapy massage to increase circulation for the lymphatic system and balance energy centers known as “Chakras.”


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