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Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

We all love a world class spa. What do we need to know about yours?

KurSpa Sparkling Hill CanadaThe vision behind KurSpa and Sparkling Hill Resort was to bring a European-style health spa to North America. Our European Spa Philosophy is that the secret to healing and holistic rejuvenation is a repetitive cycle of hot, cold, and rest. The exclusive amenities at KurSpa have been designed around this philosophy; from Kneipp Waterway’s hot and cold chambers, the temperatures of our pools, our themed steam rooms, saunas, experience showers, and our relaxation rooms. To gain the maximum health benefits while staying at our spa resort, explore our amenities by alternating between periods of hot, cold, and rest with rehydration.

What makes you unique?

Sparkling Hill has over 3.5 million Swarovski crystals built into the design of the Resort and spa. KurSpa, the heart of Sparkling Hill Resort, is the largest luxury spa in Canada and is comprised of over 40,000 sq. ft of tranquil European-inspired spa, clinic and wellness centre amenities. KurSpa and the Wellness Clinic at KurSpa provide guests with a blend of over 100 traditional spa treatments and integrative physician services.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

The Cryo Cold Chamber – our signature treatment – although fairly popular in Europe, is still relatively new to North America. The Wellness Clinic at KurSpa is the only location in North America to offer the three chamber approach to Cryo treatments. Guests become quickly used to the cold and any residual moisture evaporates from the skin within the first two chambers so that by the time they enter the -110 °C chamber the cold is quite bearable due to the almost 0% humidity. Patients then stay in the third chamber for a total of 3 minutes and are lead through the experience by one of our kinesiologists or spa professionals, who remains inside the chamber at all times to encourage participants.

Any insider tips

We recommend booking your appointments at the same time as you book your accommodation at our wellness resort, or at least 4 – 6 weeks in prior to your arrival to ensure you have access to your preferred treatments while visiting KurSpa.


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