Plateau Spa – Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

Plateau Spa
Grand Hyatt 
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

What do we need to know about your luxury spa?

Plateau Spa is a residential spa conceived as a self-contained resort within the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong. Plateau offers a vast range of services and programs dedicated to relaxation, fitness and healthy dining.

What makes you unique?

We are the only spa in Hong Kong to offer guest room accommodations.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

Preflight Hydrating Treatment for travelers – this holistic, two-hour, top to toe journey begins with the scalp, and uses a combination of soothing massage and draining techniques to relax the mind and eliminate toxins. Complete with a hydrating facial ritual and invigorating foot massage.

Any insider tips

Don’t forget to make time and relax at the iconic courtyard right outside of the treatment rooms. It is a peaceful spot that complements the whole holistic spa experience and most importantly, it is THE place for social media!


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