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Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea - Spa Review

Spa at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea
Maui, Hawaii

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The welcome

I had every mom’s worst nightmare before my spa visit. I had booked in over a month ago and the date came (and went) for my treatment…but I didn’t go. I had the date wrong in my calendar. To my horror and disappointment, I contacted the spa at the Four Seasons straightaway and explained my mixup and inability to keep accurate track of my calendar and they willingly booked me in for a treatment the following day…one that I showed up an hour early to!

I don’t get a lot of alone time, as my husband works long hours, often away, and we have a young busy son to take care of too. So when I do get the chance to indulge in a destination spa experience, I take every opportunity to fully check out, use all the amenities and enjoy investing some quality time for me. Something I strive to do daily, even if it means a 10 minute power yoga session to calm down from the busy day and charge up my body and soul.

Back to the spa! My first experience with the guest services at the Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Maui was off to a great start. I was pleased that they were able to forgive my error and accommodate my visit. I took the scenic, picturesque walk from the boardwalk (sea front side) up to the Four Seasons Resort, in order to access the spa which is on the main pool level. The hotel is just beautiful with every detail purposely and intently designed. There’s a cute cafe right on the boardwalk which was a frequent stop for us as we took our daily Wailea boardwalk stroll. They really have designed a perfect luxury Hawaiian hotel resort.

Arriving at the spa, I was greeted and shown to the women’s lounge where I was handed off to Ida to show me around the lounge. She explained the drink choices available (ginger tea, kombucha, water) and took me through the ‘make-it-yourself’ salt and wei oil scrub that made for an exceptional shower exfoliant. The Four Seasons Resort wei oil is made up of 5 speciality ingredients including frankincense and orange. After getting changed into my luxurious bath robe, I went through to the relaxation lounge to enjoy some light snacks of dried fruits and crackers along with more delicious ginger tea, before meeting Paula, my massage therapist.

The spa treatment

I chose a different type of treatment to experience for 80 minutes instead of my usual 60 minute massage treatment. So I went for the gemstone Ayurveda massage which includes a lomi lomi style massage as part of the Ayurveda oil treatment.

The spa treatment room was smaller than many I’ve experienced before, and filled with the sounds of relaxing music that quickly put me in to the checked out zone. Paula explained the treatment to me, and asked my preferred pressure level.

For the next 80 minutes I relaxed into a meditative state while Paula performed a sequence of warm oil application, followed by a massage, followed by brisk hand strokes that is apparently great for sore joints and muscles, all over my body. Having not had this treatment before, I found I was really able to switch off and get out of my head. If it’s a treatment I’ve had before, I find I’m often in my head, talking to myself and knowing when the treatment will end, based on what the therapist is doing next. It was refreshing to just be and let her do her thing. Which she did so well. I was comatose.

Paula was experienced and said the gemstone ayurveda was one of her favourite treatments to give guests. I think it’s one of my new favourite ones to have! I encourage anyone trying this to have the oil treatment in your hair too. This isn’t for everyone, as the oil takes a while to come out of your hair, but it also helps nourish dry hair and was a highlight of the treatment. Mainly because I love a scalp massage as part of any massage treatment I have.

I would definitely have this treatment again and really enjoyed the 80 minutes instead of a 60 minute, which is what I usually get. The extra 20 minutes made all the difference!


The spa is set amongst a world class luxury resort so you pretty much have all the amenities you need around you. The spa itself had a eucalyptus steam shower that I enjoyed post massage before my wei oil and salt scrub shower. My skin was effortlessly glowing by the time I left.

The spa also has all of the essential items needed to get you ready post treatment, with a large area for hair and makeup application.


Arrive early. I know you hear it all the time, but having the ability to unwind, relax in your robe, enjoy luxury ginger tea and snacks, can really help you make the most out of your spa experience. If you choose not to stay at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, you can use the pools and lounge chairs for the day as a guest to the spa. So prepare to make the most of your visit. They have some delicious cocktails served at the bar next to the pool, my favourite being the Lahaina lemonade!

– Jackie, WSR Editor

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