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Anumba Spa
The Racha

What can you tell us about your luxury spa?

Anumba Spa - The Racha, Thailand Spa ReviewA SANCTUARY FOR SENSORY REJUVENATION
The Racha’s Anumba Spa, voted the Top Island Resort Spa in Asia in the 2017 World Luxury Spa Awards, pampers with a host of mind and body relaxation treatments in an amazing tropical setting.

At the serene Anumba Spa, expert and caring therapists restore and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit with signature natural treatments and oils. Within the lush spa grounds, guests relax and detoxify in complimentary steam and sauna rooms. Four VIP couples’ suites provide the ultimate in blissful relaxation and pampering. An ocean-facing Balance Fitness Gym and OM Studio offer guided holistic movement classes. In one of Asia’s top spa destinations, no less.

What makes you unique?

At The Racha, guests rest easy knowing the resort abides by the highest standards of eco-responsible tourism. All the resort’s structures are built in harmony with the island’s natural topography. No land was cut or filled in the building process. Through a series of innovatively designed gutter drains and underground sump tanks, rainwater run-off is pumped back to the center of the island and allowed to flow back freely into the ground, replenishing the earth’s water bank. Minimizing rainwater run-off from flowing into the sea that would otherwise be detrimental to coral life in the bay. The coconut tree, the symbol of The Racha, takes pride of place at the resort. Many of the trees you see are the island’s original inhabitants. Villas were built around them. For every coconut tree that was cut, two were planted to replace it.

The Anumba Spa uses the highest-grade essential oils and organic spa products. Whenever possible, only the highest quality locally sourced, paraben-free spa products are used.

What do you recommend as the ultimate treatment?

Anumba Aromatherapy Massage

(90 mins) Focuses on relieving tension and stress in key points on the back. Choose your preferred aromatic oils from a selection of soothing, renewing, detoxifying, rejuvenating and balancing aromas. A tonic for jetlag, stress and tiredness. Also a recommended treatment for sunburn.

Signature Packages

Thai Flower Ritual – (4 hours). Your journey starts with a muscle-relaxing steam bath. After which, we will exfoliate and revitalize your skin with a pampering signature Thai herbal scrub. A fragrant floral bath follows. An aromatherapy full body massage will further soothe and balance your mind, body and spirit. An Anumba Visible Brilliance facial completes this treatment.

What other amenities can your guests enjoy?

Anumba Spa grounds cover 2,320 Sq m of bliss including a sauna, stream room, gym, studio and boutique. We also offer manicure and pedicure services.

OM Studio:
At 42 Sq m, OM Studio’s cool teak floor, natural light and floor-to-ceiling views provide an inspiring, healing environment for yoga, Pilates and other mindful movement forms. Guided daily yoga classes are taught here.

Balance Fitness Gym:
Located absolute oceanfront. Cool towels and spa drinking water provide for a pleasurable workout. Life Fitness machines for cardio and resistance training is placed alongside rowing machines, free weights and physiotherapy fitness balls.

Salus Per Aqua
These shared saunas are complimentary. Please inform the spa receptionist 15 minutes prior to your arrival.

Any insider tips

Add some extra luxury with a special treatment add-on like our Traditional Thai Massage (with Herbal Hot Compress) – (120 mins) Experience Thai massage performed with heated herbal packs that detoxify and alleviate muscular aches and pains. This treatment nourishes the skin, provides relief of muscle aches and leaves you with a feeling of deep relaxation.

Take a self-guided ‘back-of-grounds tour’. At the perimeter of the resort gardens, guests are welcome to amble through many of the resort’s larger ‘green’ initiatives – the Hydroponic Farm, our Drinking Water Bottling plant, Bio-Gas station, Charcoal station, Solar Diesel Hybrid station and the reservoirs amongst others. In doing so, the resort hopes that guests will take away with them, a deeper appreciation for conservation.


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